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A brief History of Marine Park The school

Marine Park - Intermediate School 278 is centrally located in the Marine Park area of Brooklyn. Geographically, Marine Park is located at the northwestern corner of the park for which it is named after. During the late 1940's and early 1950's, the population within the Marine Park area continued to increase. To support this growing community, an additional school was constructed. Prior to being built, children in the Marine Park area attended the local Public Schools which went from Grades One through Eight (such as P.S. 207, and P.S. 222). Students would then go directly into high school (which for the Marine Park area was and continues to be James Madison High School, photo at right).

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In the late 1950's, the northwesternmost corner of Marine Park was redesignated from the New York City Parks Department to the New York City Board of Education. Construction of a new Junior High School began, and it was completed in I.S. 278's marble cornerstone - 1957. Since that time, Marine Park's teachers has been educating children from neighborhoods near and far. Marine Park originally was a "Junior High School," teaching grades 7th through 9th. However, during the late 1980's, it was reclassified as an Intermediate School - teaching grades 6th through 8th.

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