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Mr. G's Grading Policy

This page can help you get a good idea of what grade you will be receiving each quarter.

How can you determine your grades in Mr. G's class?

  1. 40% - Test Grades - There are 2 or 3 tests per marking quarter

  1. Determine the average of your test scores. Your test average is now your base grade.
  2. The base grade will then be used to determine your grade for the marking quarter.

  • 40% - Classwork - Class Participation and Behavior
    1. Class participation can raise or lower your base grade.
    2. Your class grade is based on your preparedness, participation (answering and asking pertinent questions), positive interaction with your fellow students and completion of class assignments and projects.
    3. Your conduct can affect your class grade, as well as, your letter conduct grade.

  • 20% - Homework Assignments
    1. Completing all homeworks is your responsibility and will maintain your grade.
    2. Missing homeworks will lower your class grade.

  • Lateness to Class
    1. Each time you are late to class without a late pass, one point will be deducted from your quarter grade. This is not my policy, but a school-wide policy.


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